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Infnix Hot Detailed Hands-On Review

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Infnix Hot Detailed Hands-On Review

Just few weeks ago, Infinix in partnership with Konga released a new smartphone called the Infinix Hot smartphone and we had the opportunity of testing the new Infinix Hot smartphone for 2 weeks to see how it performs especially in day to day usage. The following information after the jump describes in detail our experience with the Infinix Hot after 2 weeks of usage and will help folks on their decision to buy the smartphone.

Opening the Package
When we first lay our hands on the Infinix Hot, the packaging made us want to open it with speed. It comes in a white pack with "HOT" boldly written at the top, Infinix written at the top-left corner and 16GB written on the bottom - right corner the pack. 
our hands was quick to unbox the pack so as to get access and see what the device actually looks like. Immediately, we unboxed the package, the smartphone was revealed and what we saw was a very beautiful smartphone with accessories and manuals. Quickly, we emptied the box to see everything that the device comes with. The image below shows the various items in the box.

In The Pack
When you unbox your own Infinix Hot package, what we expect you to find are the following: The Infinix Hot smartphone, a USB cord, a 3.5mm earphone, 2 instructional manuals and 2 pin plug with a USB female port.

The Phone Itself
The Infnix Hot smartphone is a well designed smartphone with a good grip to it. With dimensions 142.4 x 73.2 x 10.1 mm and weight 160g, the Infnix Hot qualifies as a very handy and not bulky phone. 

When the phone is set on a flat surface the back won't completely flush with the flat surface because of the slightly curved back. This curve back allow for better grip and for those that like putting their phone in the pockets.

Buttons and Ports
One one side of the phone, the right side, the volume and power buttons are situated with the volume keys above the power button, while the other left side of the phone has no buttons. This allow for a one-hand operation when there is a need to switch off the phone or adjustment of volumes. Furthermore, at the top of the device, you find the micro USB port on the right side and a 3.5mm earphone port at the left side.

At the back of the phone close to the top side you will find a 5.0 mega pixel camera and a LED flashlight just immediately below the camera and at the revers side, you find a 2.0 mega pixel front facing camera at the top-left side and a proximity sensor just beside it.

Finally, when the back case of the phone is removed, the battery, SD slot and SIM card compartment is immediately revealed. The Infinix Hot smartphone comes with a removable 2000mAh battery and a dual micro SIM card slot. The SIM card can easily be slid in or out. No ejectors or pin needed.

The specifications of the Infinix Hot smartphone remains the same as we wrote in one of our previous posts which you can find /2014/11/meet-new-infinix-hot-smartphone.html">here. However, the thing is that on a day to day usage, the real specs of the infnix Hot smartphone revealed itself and that we have listed below.

Booting and Multitasking
When you first power on the Infinix Hot smartphone, the device takes only 27.72 seconds to boot up completely. After the booting up process, we were presented with the home screen and then we started installing various apps to test speed and multitasking performance.

Android Kitkat 4.4.2 is generally a good and fast operating system, Hence, the Infinix Hot performed different tasks very efficiently and with speed. 

Next we decided to play videos, games and surfing the web, moving between the different tasks, we were very pleased on the performance considering that this is a medium end smartphone. Over the days that followed, these tasks were repeated including reboot to see how fast it will perform. At the end of the second week, it took 39 secs to completely boot up including network registering. Multitasking was still very snappier as usual thanks to the quad core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.3GHz.

Battery Performance
The battery which is a 2000mAh removable Li-ion battery lasted a full day and half without charge within the first 4 days with basic usage of apps and internet browsing. However, at the time we installed more apps that operate in the background the device was still able to last a full day. This means that Infinix have improved on their battery and the Infnix Hot does have a great battery life. Also, charging the device don't take too much time. Within a short period of time, you can charge the battery to a full state.

Camera Performance
The sales of standalone camera or professional cameras have reduced over the past few years due to the rise of powerful cameras on smartphones. The Infinix Hot smartphone will contribute in a small way too due to its good camera spec. It has a 5.0 mega pixel camera at the back and a 2.0 camera at the front. We took some shots and the images below are what was produced.


Images produced by the Infinix Hot is quite good and acceptable either with the flashlight being used or otherwise.

HD games and videos play very well, we played the FIFA 14 and Asphalt games on it and the display and handling was incredible, thanks to the Mali 400 GPU on the device.

Like you already know, the device has proximity sensor, light sensor, gyro sensor and smart gesture sensor. 

The Infinix Hot smartphone which goes for just N12,900 is a great phone to buy. Its low cost and the performance is beyond great. For such a low end smartphone I will say its a good value for money. Hence it deserves a 8/10 rating for its design, price and specifications. You should definitely buy it if you are thinking of a low cost Android KitKat 4.4.2 smartphone.

Curently only Konga sells the smartphone and you can buy it from the Konga Online store here.

What are your thoughts about this smartphone? Drop them in  the comments section below.

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