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My Idea For a Video Game

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My Idea For a Video Game


The game starts with a boy, named Majora, walking out of a school. He is named Majora because Majora's Mask was his Dad's favorite Video Game. He walks home and sees a note that says:

"We left for a couple of hours, we'll be home by 6:00. :)"

He throws his backpack in the kitchen, and goes up into the attic and finds a Nintendo Entertainment System. He plugs it in to the TV in his room, and puts in the game that was with it. This cartridge had no sticker, and on it was the word "World" written in Sharpie. He turns the console on, and the TV makes a loud sound and blows up, but what is left there is a small, blue square. Majora picks this thing up, and 8-bit music starts playing. He looks around and sees that everything around him is turning into 8-bit. He runs out of the house and sees that everything is turning into an 80's video game.

You call your parents, and you ask where they are, and they say at the store. You find a bike and ride it to the store. Unfortunately for you, characters from video games are coming in to the real world, too. The store is where the bad guys are coming in. Ganondorf comes out of the store with all of the people, and you see your parents. You run after Ganon, but there are more bad guys! Bowser knocks you out of the way. At this point, the entire world is made out of 8-bit. Now, you set out on a journey to get your parents back!

You have to go through some main cities in the U.S.A. (like L.A and New York), and each city is based off of a retro video game. 


When you riding the bike to the store, it would be like Excitebike, except it's flickering between 8-bit and reality.
World One would be San Francisco, and based off of Mario. 
World Two would be L.A. and based off of Kid Icarus.
World Three world be Las Vegas, and based off of Metroid.
World Four would be Pheonix, and based off of Legend of Zelda.
World Five would be Dallas, and based off of Double Dragon.
World Six would be New Orleans, and based off of Megaman (You'll find a Marshmallow Gun)

In the New Orleans world you find a plane ticket after you defeat an enemy, you take it to the airport and fly to the seventh world. (Airport is Level 6-4)

World Seven would be Newark, and based off of Contra.
World Eight would be New York City, and based off of Donkey Kong.

Each world would be made up of four levels, like the original Super Mario Bros.
The Donkey Kong world is made up off the 25m levels, 75m levels, etc. and on where Donkey Kong should be is classic video game enemies that will try to kill you with their signature attacks.

 8-1 (Bowser): Shoots fire at you like crazy. 
 8-2 (Mother Brain): Mother Brain will be in her Bipedal form and roam freely around the level.
 8-3 (Ganondorf): Will use his spear thing from the Legend Of Zelda.
 8-4 (Kill Screen): The Kill Screen will be the final boss. He sends glitches at you as you traverse the                                level. You defeat him by getting a "Patch" from one of the captured people. (You                                  walk past people who broke free in level 8-3 and 8-4)

I'll keep spoilers for the end :)

Other Info

All dialogue will be shown in speech bubbles. They won't be spoken when the world is in retro form, because video games didn't have voice acting then. There will be closed captioning, and voice acting in the regular world, though.

The Marshmallow Gun will be found at the end of the Dallas world.

The ticket will be found after defeating the boss of the New Orleans world, and will take you to Newark, NJ.

In the regular world, it will have normal music, but the music will change into 8-bit after the world changes.


After defeating Kill Screen, there is one last level. This level is a short level, and it is just a small room with a sphere at the end. Picking up this sphere returns the world back to normal, and frees everybody.

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