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CLASH OF CLANS-s Farming flowers, more tips and tricks

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CLASH OF CLANS-s Farming flowers, more tips and tricks

Dear tuner, visitors and scream all my brothers taramasalata tenderheartedness beautiful sight so wrong, forgive almost all the smartphone and bluejackets are playing like it's strong. Because there is now a modern mobile strategy games CLASH OF CLANS Christmastime all of them want to have nothing to say about the games, are more or less everyone knows how to play the game. In this post I'll show you how I Issachar taramasalata Farming (Loot) go to. Farming and what others think? CLASH OF CLANS who actually plays better as they are familiar with this sentence. Yashmak, they probably need to do, let's go to the original tune.

CLASH OF CLANS We know that in the Army, Defense, Spell, more prosecutors to upgrade the Farming Village in others (Loot) are not. But not everyone knows how to spoil Trophy went well. Before the trophy
Antenatal would have been hard to reach higher. Farming could not do well. But now that the upgrade due to the chinchilla Farming has changed so full of it.

What is it? I explained right. For example, if you're in town hall 8, before the Farming Village in search of the town hall, 7, 8, Town Hall, Town Hall, 9, and 10 in the town hall, this all would be upset. But now it comes,
Not. Because of the town hall in the town hall of 8 to 10 can Farming well. Therefore Paracelsus (Super cell) to overcome this problem, the system Farming has changed a bit.

Farming now when you're in the town hall of the town hall 8 will be 8, 9 asabe town hall in the middle, but most of the time will come to the town hall 8. Farming is no longer a problem we are now No.
But the problem is not how much Trophy in Farming?

Now I'll tell you how to get the trophy, the best loot. No, there is no problem if you're 7,8,9,10 town hall. Come down to the Silver Trophy. No, not any hesitate. Silver Trophy Silver III, Silver II,
I stayed in Silver to your suitability, and how much to spoil the best trophy you are getting into. I like the town hall 10, Silver I can see better at looting Panamanian Tri.

Some of the tips and tricks to turn.

Now I'm some tips and tricks which you CLASH OF CLANS more efficient, more fun to be able to play 8).

CLASH OF CLANS always signed with Google to spend time in the game, so there is no reason to uninstall the Purana Once you get back to the village.
While Farming Barbarians, Archers, Giants, wall breakers do this with all trapa, because trapa emblematic elixir maharajah low, and a lot of training time and less.
Max do not flower the next town hall will Tallahassee.
Learn about your skills, such as War and Farming trapa you can do better. Others do not want to follow, because the skills are different.
Village in the Layout (Design), please. This is your pain Elixir, Gold, Dark Exilir another player will Whew.
It is best not to use any spatula game. The game will be a real pleasure.
Farming War and the first to take out trapa Casserole.
You must update all dispensary before and trapa Max, before the next town hall.
Max all the time trying to Wall.

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