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How To Save Your Internet Data On Android Smartphone

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How To Save Your Internet Data On Android Smartphone

High internet data uses is the latest problem  many Android user are facing expect Blackberry users because if you don’t purchase your monthly data you will not be connected. 
How To Save Your Internet Data On Android Smartphone- mymobotips

Every smartphone user who have Android device purchase monthly data plan to stay connected with world. Many users have been complaining that the usage of data plan on the Android smartphone is too high and recharge card and also the MB purchased is not enough for them.
Some people called it MB, monthly data plan and GPRS plan. Most of the time you noticed that you recharge today with monthly data card and it finished in 15-16 days. why it happen with you? You are not a single person who faced this kind of problem, every Android user faced this problem. I find out some solutions to save internet data as well as your money.

1. Disable Background Data

When this option is enable in your smartphone it continuously check for new email, application updates etc… and consumes lot of data for synchronization. So, I recommend to disable background data because it help you to avoid high data consumption on your smartphones.

Use these steps to disable background data:
  • Tap on menu button.
  • Go to your setting.
  • Then scroll down to account and sync settings.
  • Just uncheck the background data.
  • You have to ignore all warnings and select background data if only you wish to use Google Play Store, which after you are expected to deselect after usage.

2. Always Use Lite Browsers

Understand the meaning of lite browsers, you might get confused at this word but in essence, if you are using Opera mini and Firefox in your device, it will definitely  eats your MB but I recommends chrome browser to reduce the usage of your data pack.
Google Chrome blocks pop-up ads, you can set your chrome browser to stop eating your data with these simple steps as given below:
  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Go to setting then select Bandwidth Management.
  • Then Reduce Data Usage in other to save more of your bytes.
  • And its done

3. Use My Data Manager App

This one is also a good option to reduce your data consumption, this app helps you to track down your data usage in all other apps on your Android device. It can also be called Data counter. According to the name counter, it counters your daily data usage of your Android phone and it also helps you in controlling it. You can keep watch on every app that how much data it uses and you can easily find out where your large data consumed.Using this app you can immediately stop the app from running. One thing is common here and that is, if you do not off your connection, your data will finished rapidly. You can set usage alarm so whenever you have reached the data plan amount that you have setup to use, then you would be alerted in other to avoid overage charges unlike bill shock.

4. Disable Google services

Google services is the app which continuously searches update for all apps, so keep auto update off and many time Google Services  get update automatically, its size near about 17-18K. So always disable Google Services to save your internet data.

Steps to disable Google Service:
  • Go to Setting menu.
  • Scroll down and search for Application.
  • In Downloaded Application search for Google Services., tap on it.
  • In Google Services you will see there two option one is “Force Close” and another is “Disable”.
  • Tap on “Disable”.
  • Done

5. Install Ad blockers

How much data consumed by pop-ups and ads, do you know that? Well you might not know, I am telling you that pop-ups and ads consume almost 60% of your data plan. So, you have to stop it by installing the Ad blocker from Google Play Store. This Ad blocker also has a feature to block inappropriate ads unlike video and audio ads.

Using these app and doing settings as given above you can easily save your internet data. So, guys use these apps and settings,  reduced your data consumption and save money.
Share it with your friends and stay tuned for many more interesting information about mobile technologies, if you want any help you can ask me in comments. 

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