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Increase Battery Life for iPhone: Apps and Tips

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Increase Battery Life for iPhone: Apps and Tips

Increase Battery Life for iPhone: Apps and Tips :
As with Android devices, iPhones and other iOS devices have the same problem:the battery. This aspect of mobile devices has haunted manufacturers even since the early days. And now with all the tech that goes in a smartphone, the problem is bigger than ever. Future advances in battery technologies will make these problems go away (Liliputian’s battery promises to deliver 2 weeks of charging!). 
A solution might be a wireless charger, such as the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S III, or solar cells powering the devices when subjected to direct sunlight. These could greatly enhance the battery efficiency of these devices, but until such technologies are implemented, we will just have to make due with what we have at our disposal.

Tips to Make iPhone’s Battery Last Longer
Of course, the same tips apply to the iPhone as to the Android devices:
Turn off Wi-Fi, or use 3G networks when possible. And if you don’t need an internet connection, stick only to 2G networks.
Turn off Bluetooth. It might not consume much energy, but it adds up.
Set the screen to auto brightness, because, as you know, the screen is the biggest battery hog of all.
Turn off GPS, even though it is not used when in idle mode, when you launch an app that uses location services it will start running and consume battery.
Even buy a iPhone case that has a battery extension. Although it might cost you the slim look of your iOS jewel, it will increase its battery life.
Also, a good way to enhance your iPhone’s battery life is to use airplane modemore often. Especially in low coverage areas. Because when the phone searches for a network it uses enormous amounts of power. Also, at night you could use this feature and it will conserve some power, making your device last longer.
Turn off the Equalizer. In your music player, the EQ forces the rendering of sound in a particular way (depending on what you set your EQ to). This consumes power because the phone is trying to give off more bass or treble instead of the flat sound.
Also, if you have multiple email accounts, set your phone to check them less often. It will not connect to any servers and it will not give off any notifications. This will help you save some battery.
Quit background apps. Despite Apple’s claim that suspended apps consume just a minimum of power, if you have lots of apps in suspend mode, it will add up to serious drain. Close those apps and you will see an immediate effect on your battery.
On its own, neither of these tips will make miracles with your battery life, but if you find a middle way, to make use of some of them, it will result in some visible battery saving. Although it will not make your iPhone last a week, a few hours of extra up time will be noticeable.
Top 5 iPhone Battery Saving Apps
But what is the most accessible option of all? The one where you still retain the functionality of your device and still get some extra juice out of your device. The answer lies with iPhone battery saving apps. These range from task killers, to battery calibrators to simple tools that allow you to quickly turn on or off certain features that you are not using, resulting in an increase in battery life.
The first step in making your iPhone’s battery last longer is to know exactly how much time you have until it runs out. Battery LED! gives you exactly that information in a great looking way. It provides you with information about how much time the battery will last while gaming, internet browsing, listening to music and so on.
A great looking app with a wonderful and intuitive interface that lets you know how much time does your iPhone have until it runs dry. Also, BatterySense allows you to save battery by turning off services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, notifications and others. A great tool to have that allows you to take control of your iPhone’s battery.
Battery Doctor Pro makes other battery saving apps for iPhone look obsolete. It gives you very detailed and accurate information about your battery drain and your battery’s health and also, a process monitor that allows you to see exactly which service is draining your iPhone dry.
Battery God gives you detailed information on just how much power each service of your iPhone costumes, and with these customized and very detailed results you can take the necessary precautions to make your iPhone’s battery last longer.
Control your battery drain from one app that gives you detailed information about every service on your iPhone. You know just how much power a particular service consumes and it gives you the necessary information on how to maximize the use of your battery.
Although the battery saving options of the iPhone are not as easy as those for Android device, where you have more apps that can actually take control of your smartphone’s power drain, they will give you a helping hand in making your device more power efficient.
These are the main tips and apps that will help in your battle against battery drain. Try them out and let us know what you think of them. Also, if you know a few other tricks to make your iPhone’s battery last longer, tell us about them in the comment section.

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