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The Technology Of Powerful Games

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The Technology Of Powerful Games

A weekly poker game at a friend's house requires technology that's no more advanced than that of the Roman Empire -- a table, chips, and cards are all you need to gamble with friends.  For those who prefer to play on their own schedule, and for higher stakes than a buy-in of a couple bucks, there's a bevy of online casino games at Platinum Play that incorporate much more advanced technology than wood and plastic.  How are online games and next-gen gaming parlors incorporating high-tech features and new mathematical algorithms?

Mobile Mania

In an age when there are more smart phones in the country than there are actual people, games have realized that they need to offer mobile platforms for gaming in order to compete on the digital market.  Mobile users can input the same payment information that they use to browse shopping sites, while competing against friends (or bragging about big winnings) by sharing their victories on social networks.  Designers have realized, furthermore, that there's a lot of advantages to making an iPhone game: no machine to build, no maintenance to perform, no cash to collect, and no need to worry if the power goes out.  

Odds Makers

A generation ago, sports bookies had to rely on little more than their gut feeling when it came to laying down the best odds for betting.  Today, technology exists to analyze sports and horse racing down to the thinnest of margins -- making it possible to attract bets from all sides who think the line is a good return on an investment.  Three dimensional image profiling allows bookies to determine a player's precise ability to hit a ball, throw a football, or a horse's ability to close the distance in a race.  With better numbers to crunch, oddsmakers can predict the outcome of a game to a higher degree of accuracy, so that there's no shortage of winners off the field.

Digital Currency

Have a problem with getting the right amount of cash for a visit to the game store, or the right money if you visit another country?  It's no problem at all, provided that you have an Internet connection.  Digital currency like Bitcoin allows users to purchase digital playing chips or parlay bets of their choice without ever needing to think in dollars and cents.  Bitcoin is entirely digital, and stores have realized that offering games with Bitcoin-friendly betting means that there's no regulation and no risk: anyone can bet a Bitcoin in any country so long as there's WiFi to be had.  

Virtual Gaming

You can play roulette on a roulette table, but why not enjoy speeding up the game and playing with people on the other side of the globe?  Virtual gaming at a gaming zone allows gamers to connect with gambling enthusiasts in any place at any time simply by linking up to active camera networks and spinning the digital dice.  Since most game zones operate 24/7, it means that there's always a virtual game of craps or blackjack to sit in on, and the cards come much faster without a human taking the time to deal them.

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