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So earlier, I talked about how I hated FPS games, more specifically, Call Of Duty.

Released in 2003, Call Of Duty was developed by Infinity Ward, and Nokia. Yes, you read that right, FREAKING NOKIA. But anyway, it got mixed reviews for being one of the first games with Computer Aided Allies (called CPUs in modern games). But, it eventually found its way onto the Xbox and PS3.

In 2006, when Call Of Duty 2 was released, things got out of hand. Since the game was, and still is, based off of Quake III, the games have no new ideas. In my opinion, they have been releasing the same thing for over ten years now, but it's under a new title, so the gaming community thinks its new.

That's just my opinion.


Oh, and ten more days until Pokemon ORAS, and SSB4 (Wii U)

What will you be playing? I'll be playing both ORAS, and SSB4!

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