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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Guide

This is going to be an all you need to know guide for Five Nights at Freddy's 2!


Freddy Fazbear

Freddy starts moving on Night 2, but is extremely inactive until Night 3. He starts in the Parts & Service Room, then enters the Main Hallway, then enters Party Room 3, then the hall outside of your office, then attacks. He is less active than Bonnie and Chica, but acts in a similar manner.


Bonnie starts moving on Night 2, but is extremely inactive until Night 3. Unlike the first game, he follows a fixed pattern in this game. He starts in the Parts & Service Room, then goes into the Main Hall. Then, he goes to the hallway outside of the office, then enters Party Room 1, then the Left Air Vent. He also bypasses the Left Air Vent's blind spot, so he can catch you by surprise.

He can also immediately move into the Left Air Vent on later nights, and the flashlight also seems to disorient him, making him move slower.


Just like the other Withered Robots, Chica is active on Night 2, but is inactive until Night 3. She also follows a fixed pattern in this game. She starts in the Parts & Service Room, then Party Room 4, and then Party Room 2, then the Right Air Vent. Like Bonnie, she bypasses the Blind Spot, and only attacks when the monitor is up.

FUN FACT: Withered Chica appears in the Right Air Vent camera just like she does in the East Hall from the first game.


Foxy is the only robot (other than The Puppet and BB) who doesn't appear on the camera. His path is very short, it's Parts & Service, and the Hall outside of your Office. He also doesn't get fooled by the Freddy Mask. Also, you can defend yourself from him by flashing the light at him. When BB enters the room, Foxy will come to your room quicker, and it is more common the closer you are to 6AM.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is only active on Night 6. He appears in the Hall outside of the office, and inside of the office. Unlike the first game, when he attacks he doesn't crash the game.

Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy is active on every night, (Yes, he will rarely move on Night 1) but he is extremely active on Night 5. He starts on the Show Stage, then heads to the Game Area, then the Hall outside of the office. He is one of the only robots who changes appearance. 

Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is the very first robot to move, moving a little bit after Phone Guy's call on Night 1. He starts at the Show Stage, then moves to Party Room 3, then Party Room 4. In this room, Toy Bonnie will stare directly in to the camera, and also be up close to it, like Bonnie from the first game. Then he goes to Party Room 2, where he is seen crouching next to the Vent. Then he enters the Right Air Vent. On Night 4, it is rare for Toy Bonnie to move. 

Toy Chica

Toy Chica starts in the Show Stage, then goes to Party Room 4, and then the entrance of the Office. She also seems to remove her eyes and beak at this point. She proceeds to go into Party Room 1, then the Left Air Vent. She is less active on later nights, due to only one robot is aloud to be in the back of the Hall outside of the office, and Foxy is there. 
Toy Chica's character is the only one with a bug. When two robots are near, example: Toy Bonnie & Toy Chica, and the other robot attacks first, Toy Chica will still attack, appearing behind the first robot to attack.


One thing to note is that Mangle CAN appear in the same room, and at the same time as other robots. Mangle is active as soon as Night 2 starts. His starting place is the Kid's Cove. Then he goes to Game Area, then the Prize Corner, Main Hall, the Hall outside of the Office, Party Room 2, then the Right Air Vent. You will know when Mangle is in the Vent or The Office because, wherever he goes he creates a loud static. This static isn't in the mobile version.


Balloon Boy is the most annoying of the 11. He starts moving on Night 2. He goes from the Game Area right to the Left Air Vent. Once he enters your office, all the lights are disabled. Foxy attacking is also much more common when he is in the room.
Balloon Boy is also the only robot who talks. He says: "Hi." "Hello." or just laughs.

The Puppet

The Puppet is active on every night. If the Music Box isn't wound up, he will begin his attack. He also pops his head out of the box in the Prize Corner when the caution sign is red. He is unable to move when you are viewing CAM 11's feed. Also, once he starts his attack, there is no way to stop it. 


The Office

The Office is where you are located in the restaurant. You have one giant opening in front of you, leading to the hall. You also have two Vents, that robots can crawl through. You cannot leave the Office.

Show Stage

CAM 09
The Show Stage is where Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, and Toy Chica begin their movements. It is located above the Game Area. On the Custom Night, the camera is always disabled. Also, you cannot use the flashlight once all the robots have left.

Parts & Service

CAM 08
The Parts & Service Room is where all the robots from FNaF 1 begin their movements. It is to the left of the Main Hall. Once Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy have left, Foxy can be seen in the middle of the room. Sometimes there is a Hallucination seen sitting where Bonnie usually sits. Looking at this Hallucination for too long will crash the game. Also, this camera is disabled on the Custom Night.

Main Hall

CAM 07
The Main Hall is the hallway leading from the Game Area to the Hallway outside of the Office. You can rarely see the Hallucination and The Puppet for a couple of frames here. All of the robots travel through here. You can also see the Parts & Service Room from the Camera.

Game Area

CAM 10
This room is the starting location of BB. All of the Toy Robots and The Puppet travel through here, though only Toy Freddy and Mangle can be seen. On the map, this room seems to be the largest.

Prize Corner

CAM 11
The Prize Corner is right next to the Show Stage, and seems to be a part of the Game Area. There is a large present forwards the back, this is The Puppet's starting point. Mangle is the only robot to travel through here.

Kid's Cove

CAM 12
This is the room where Mangle starts, and no other robots will come here. There is pictures all around the room which depict children tearing apart, and kicking the torn up Mangle.

Left Air Vent

CAM 05
This is an Air Vent that connects the Office to Party Room 1. There is only 3 robots who pass through here (or is there?...), Toy Chica, Bonnie, and BB. The Bare Endoskeleton also passes through here. 

Right Air Vent

CAM 06
The description for this Vent is the same as the Left Air Vent, except that Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle pass through here.

Party Room 1-4

CAM 01, CAM 02, CAM 03, CAM 04
Party Room 1: Leads to the Left Air Vent
Party Room 2: Leads to the Right Air Vent
Party Room 3: Freddy and Toy Bonnie pass through here.
Party Room 4: Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica pass through here.

New Mechanics

There are three new mechanics that I will go over.

Freddy Mask

This mask protects you from the robots, but not all of them. It will not protect you from Foxy, BB, or The Puppet.


The Flashlight can let you see in the Hall, and the rooms. You can see the robots if they're hidden. You use it by pressing 'CTRL".

Music Box

The Music Box protects you from The Puppet.

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