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Lava Iris X5 cheat codes

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Lava Iris X5 cheat codes

When 800 odd students collectively resolve for something as big as a World record, what follows is sheer magic!
This 19th of October, 2014 Lava International attempted a world record for the longest chain of Self photographs (Selfies) with unceasing support from the USAn Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. The venue for the event was the stand of hockey stadium at IIT and the participants were  majorly  students from IIT. The first participant had to click a Selfie with the person next to him/her and pass the smartphone to the second participant, who then had to click his/her Selfie with the third person and pass the baton in this case Lava Iris X5 to form a relay chain. Under no circumstance were the participants allowed more than half a minute to click their Selfie with the next person and pass the phone.
With days of hard work and practice put in by the participants preceding the showdown, the enthusiasm shown by the students for the final event was phenomenal. The students  geared up for the final event, with determined nerve turned up very early on 19th morning. Registrations for the event started at 9 AM and were closed almost immediately with several 100s more wanting to participate for the event but were left out due to capacity constraints..
guinness world record attempt by lava
The world record attempt started at around 10:30 AM with deafening cheers and noise catching the attention of the entire campus, with each participant craftily taking Selfies, careful not to violate any rules. Most gave a huge smile and many resorted to their wackiest sign lingo in the selfie, the selfie relay chain progressed as planned.

What followed was loads of excitement, ecstasy and fun. For the next few hours, Selfies did what it is meant to do, “bring a huge smile with every click”. Selfies capturing wide smiles, people singing aloud, rounds of Mexican waves, whacky on the spot fun activities, lucky draws, goodies being won and of course food, lots of food.
Check this crazy video from the event:
Amidst all the fun together, a World record attempt was completed, with none realizing how time flew by during the attempt. The entire event was very closely monitored by eminent photographer, Mr. Akashendu Das as a witness emeritus, who has many reputed awards to his credit other than being adjudged among the top 10 photographers in Asia.

With the rally entering 800th count… the roar for the final few was deafening. People cheering for their friends is always a pleasing sight and that day, it couldn’t have been better. Curtains were drawn to the Selfie relay by Mr. Tarun Verma, Head – Marketing of Lava International who was the last man on the Selfie chain
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