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Mega Man

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Mega Man

Mega Man is one of my favorite characters in video games, because he is one of the only characters who can change their abilities with a push of a button. Also, if you're an Egoraptor fan, then you may know him as: "JUMP N' SHOOT MAN".

(In this I'm going to be talking about Megaman 1!)

In Megaman, you have to defeat the six robot masters created by Dr. Wily;
  1. Cutman
  2. Gutsman
  3. Elecman
  4. Iceman
  5. Fireman
  6. Bombman
When you defeat each robot master, you get a special weapon, like the Rolling Cutter.
This game's difficulty is HARD. 
If this game had a death counter, mine would be insanely high, or I'm just bad at Megaman games. This game has enemies coming at you from everywhere, and also tricky platforming,
and in Cutman's stage, there is wall shooter things that are easy to kill, but you can only hit them when they are shooting. 
Also, Elecman's stage has those things in the beginning, where they speed up when you're on their platform.

Also, if you own a Sega Mega Drive (Europe's version of the Genesis), then get Megaman: The Wily Wars. It was only released in Europe, but you can download an emulator/ROM to play it, and it's just 16-bit remakes of Megaman 1-3)

I haven't played a lot of Megaman games since Megaman X-Treme on the Gameboy Color,
but I still like the old ones.  

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