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Must Read 10 SEO Benefits of using Blogger Simple Template

Must Read 10 SEO Benefits of using Blogger Simple Template - Welcome to the blog Gadget Corner we provide a lot of latest gadget information that must be very loss for you to miss, now we will discuss first about Must Read 10 SEO Benefits of using Blogger Simple Template we have collected a lot of information to make this article complete for you, Ok please read::

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Must Read 10 SEO Benefits of using Blogger Simple Template

Here is the 10 /2014/12/how-to-get-more-traffic-from-facebook.html">SEO Benefits of Using blogger simple template,how to convert simple template into the best seo optimized blogger template.

Are you searching:- What is the best seo optimized template for blogger or finding a template that is good from google point of view and will bring you lots of traffic or you want a template which has developed with all best on page optimization tactics.Than do not worry you are on the right page ,you will find your solution here.

Template Plays an important role in bringing traffic : Yes a template has also a great role in bringing traffic for your blog.because if you have used all on page optimization tactics than it will be very helpful in appearing in /2015/02/top-best-places-i-submit-my-blog-posts.html">google search results. i accept that still content is king but what will you do of those content if it is unnoticed by search the main part comes under the light .your on /2014/12/how-to-get-more-traffic-from-facebook.html">page optimization tactics enforces search engines like google to index your content and such on page optimization is needed for blogger now the questions is where and how to find such template.well in reality you do not have to find already have it.
10 SEO Benefits Blogger Simple Template

Which is the Best SEO optimized blogger template :

Blogger default template is best seo optimized template it just needs few customization and after that it will totally change your traffic.well i have done this in my other blog and i will share it's report with you what happened after such will read in my nest post what are those customization which converted a simple blogger template into best seo optimized template and what are the real benefits of simple blogger template.

Why not to use third party templates and why to use blogger default simple templates.

Extra Load of javascript

First free from other third party javascripts.if you use someone else's template .he will for sure insert his website's link in template .either in footer or somewhere else.and then if you use that template ,you are direcly giving backlink to his always use official blogger template.and any template which has too much javascript in that it will create problems for search engines to try to keep your template from too much javascript and avoid such unnecessary javascript.but id you use blogger simple template you will be free from unwanted dangers and insecurity of stealing username and passwords.

Hidden javascript

To understand the /2014/07/how-to-promote-your-new-blog-for.html">blogger template you need to have knowledge of XML.and in relaty very few bloggers know that and other use as a reference to them for their what are they inserted in that template you also do not know that may be that they have such javascript whicch is getting all of your details like username or password because in such technical advancement period nothing is impossible.and i have seen on google groups stealing of username and password after using third party templates.but if you prefer blogger simple templates you can be assured of authenticity.

Size,Load time Average speed per KB.

Third party template inserts lots of css and javascript to make it attractive and hence it leads to more increased page size and hence increase page loading speed.if you see any successful blog or website you will see very less page is the example of few websites which are very popular and have great traffic but their page size is too small and page loading speed is also short.which proves my statement.below is the list.

Now tell me so you still think of using third party template.if not than read my next post where i will share how i increased my blog's traffic 3 times using on page optimization tactics.

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