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Hide My IP - Best VPN Software For MAC And Windows PC

Hide My IP - Best VPN Software For MAC And Windows PC - Welcome to the blog Gadget Corner we provide a lot of latest gadget information that must be very loss for you to miss, now we will discuss first about Hide My IP - Best VPN Software For MAC And Windows PC we have collected a lot of information to make this article complete for you, Ok please read::

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Hide My IP - Best VPN Software For MAC And Windows PC

What is vpn, A VPN is an extension of Private Network that provides an encrypted security tunnel between your android device and the VPN server to send and receive information, so that no one can pry upon your network activity. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption. Major implementations of VPNs include OpenVPN and IPsec.

hide my ip 6.0

VPN is best suited for unsecured Open WiFi networks that can compromise your personal data anytime you connect to them. Employees of an Organization should also use the company's VPN in order to access the intranet, to prevent security breaches. VPN services are not free, but they are also not much costly. Cost depends on the type of the device you are using. Currently a popular VPN service is Avast VPN which costs you around $45 per year. Yes it is costly. But if are looking for a free VPN service then Hide My IP PC/MAC VPN is the best choice, because it is most easiest to configure and its license is valid for lifetime, no yearly renewals required.

Is Your PC Safe

Few years ago when computer security came into existence, experts recommended use of antiviruses and internet security suits to protect our PCs and MACs from viruses and spyware. Yes, antivirus software greatly help to reduce the damage caused by viruses, but again these security software doesn't have control over your network identity until you buy their VPN service. Such antivirus software can not protect your network identity and your computer's IP address is publicly available to be seen by anybody. Anybody can find your location from the email you sent with your original IP address.

Once your IP gets compromised then your PC becomes more vulnerable to online threats. Hiding your IP behind a VPN is the best way to protect your network identity, since nobody can see your original IP.

With a VPN like Hide My IP you can access blocked websites, hide your IP address, surf anonymously on the web and can send anonymous emails to anybody without getting tracked. If you want that nobody can track your online activity then you should install the Hide My IP PC VPN software for PC and MAC.

Click the image below to download or buy it at $29 whose license is valid for lifetime.

How To Use The Hide My IP VPN For MAC OSX And Windows PC

  • Download and install the VPN software by clicking the image above.
  • Open the program and click 'Hide My IP' button. Your original IP address will be instantly hidden and VPN will be activated.

hide my ip pc vpn

  • Put a check mark on 'Require US Based IP', if you want.
  • You can select the required proxy server.
  • The trial version is valid for seven days. I recommend you buy the product, check it out here.

    Advantages Of Hide My IP VPN For PC/MAC

    • Easy to use software.
    • Provides you a list of 90 worldwide proxy servers.
    • Does not slow down your browsing experience.
    • Best VPN software for hiding your IP and provide security even on public and open Wi-Fi networks.
    • There is an app for android also. Check /2015/08/hide-my-ip-best-vpn-android-app-to-anonymize-ip.html" target="_blank">Hide My IP android VPN.
    • Comes with 30-Day money back guarantee.
    • You can use this VPN with all internet programs on your PC or MAC.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask via comments.

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