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How to become a hacker [updated part 2]

How to become a hacker [updated part 2] - Welcome to the blog Gadget Corner we provide a lot of latest gadget information that must be very loss for you to miss, now we will discuss first about How to become a hacker [updated part 2] we have collected a lot of information to make this article complete for you, Ok please read::

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How to become a hacker [updated part 2]

How to become a hacker

Hack just anything...

Whenever we hear the word hacker and fear strikes, anger strikes in our minds. It is generally because a hackers are misunderstood  in the  society. 
Not all hackers are bad, there are three types of hackers :

Black Hat | Bad Hacker 
Grey Hat | Both Good And Bad
White Hat | Good Hacker

You have a choice to choose from the above then Follow and and fulfill your dream.

Operations system (basically Linux/UNIX)

After you have chosen what type of hacker you want to become... You have to learn Linux as an operation system.. Master it so that if will serve you in return...

A true hacker depends on freeware and open source.and Linux is the best to hack anything...A hacker must have a good knowledge of Linux Operating Systems like: Red Hat, Kali Liux, Debian, Back Box. Its very important to learn more than one Linux Operating System.


It is important for a person in the hacking field to learn more than one programming. There are many programming languages to learn such as Python, JAVA, C++. Free tutorials are easily available online over the internet. Specifically in hacking field languages like C++, Python, SQL etc. are very important.


Now this is where the things get interesting, for you to stay safe,for your programs,files, documents and everything you do on the net to stay need the art of cryptography to prevent others from getting to you.. Look for cryptography tutorial over internet and learn it.

Networking concepts

You need to be good at networking concepts and understand how the networks are created. You need to know the differences between different types of networks and must have a clear understanding of TCP/IP and UDP to exploit loop holes in a system. 

Understanding what LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall is also important. You must have a clear understanding and use of network tools such as Wireshark, NMAP for packet analyzing, network scanning etc.

Learn a lot

Visit websites which teach hacking and networking exploitation signup on hacking forum ask help discuss with other hacker. Learn from expert hacker. Learn about phishing, sniffer, Trojans, RATs etc. Also learn good amount of batch programming and shell programming.


After learning few programming concepts or OS concepts sit and practice them. Set up you own Hacker Lab with a good system with good processor and RAM because your regular system won’t handle hacking too smoothly.

Find/write vulnerabilites

Vulnerability is the weakness or a loop hole or open door through which you enter the system. Look for vulnerabilities by scanning the system, network etc. Try to write your own vulnerability programs and exploit the system.

My advice

Practice and practice. As practice makes perfect... You can do it... But please don't do hacking to harm others or for fraudulent activities...

                        PART    2


The keg to everything in life is protection. We protect ourselves, home,property,loved ones,family, our surroundings, you as a hacker need protection to avoid being caught...

Remember protection comes first...

In hacking industry most important thing is security, anonymity and protection. Play cool and be safe. There are numerous rules in the hacking area i’ll list few of them.

Don’t mess with government. You may be a great hacker but hacking government, is not a good idea they will hunt you with their best of best hacker and catch you so no government.

Don’t mess with big international level or rich company. Again the rich douches will bring you down.

Never hack or destroy a website supporting education for poor, home for poor or any program for backward countries, you will be a disgrace and other hackers will level you to nothing.

Don’t hack for personal gain. Fight for rights and seek information. Like Anonymous.

Methods of protection...

Don’t Use Windows

Windows is full of holes that can be exploited. These holes may allow spyware to infest, completely overcoming all your anonymity efforts. Any good hacker avoids Windows. Instead, they use security hardened open-source operating systems, such as Tails and Whonix.

Never Connect To Internet Directly

Connecting to internet directly means giving away your privacy by showing you IP.

Avoid anyone tracking down you’re real IP address through using VPN or Proxy. VPN enables users to create a encrypted private tunnel. 

Anyone attempting to trace from the internet side can only see the address of the VPN server, which could be a server located in any country around the world you choose. Here is a tutorial telling what is Proxy and how to get one and use. Click here for the tutorial

Never Mail Using Your Real ID

Instead, use anonymous email services or remailers. Anonymous email services allow you to email someone without any trace back to you, especially if coupled with VPN or TOR access. 

Remailers are a service whereby you can send from a real email account and the remailer will forward it on anonymously. To know how to send anonymous mail visit Here

Don’t Use Google

Google makes track everything you do in order to serve up adverts that you might click on. And as useful as the search engine is, there are ways to get the best out of it without compromising your identity. Services such as StartPage serve up google results but doesn’t store IP addresses, cookies or records of your searches. DuckDuckGo provides a similar service.

An Advice

Learning, is essential to hacking. You must first learn then hack. You cannot be lazy. 
To become a hacker you also need to read a lot. It’ll take you around 2-4 years of learning to be a real hacker. If you think its too much you shouldn’t be a hacker. 
You need to spend atleast 3-4 hrs a day with computers learning, I don’t think its too much computers are really interesting I spend my 2/3 of the day with a computer.

Tomorrow we will cover CRYPTOGRAPHY....and how to meet and talk with other hackers
Please stay tuned...


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