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Samsung's New Galaxy S7 Edge Impact on the Phone Market

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Samsung's New Galaxy S7 Edge Impact on the Phone Market

Samsung's new Galaxy S7 edge cell phone is now available. All reports indicate the device is Samsung's new Galaxy S7 edge the best product to date to compete with Apple's popular iPhone series.
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The Samsung's new Galaxy S7 edge phones stand out for in both appearance and feel. It has a shiny metal and glass backing that makes it stands out for from competitors. The curved back and sides make it comfortable to hold. The rounded edges add to grip and appearance. Overall it is more  contoured and attractive than last year's Samsung's Galaxy S6.

Inside the guts include either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8890 Octa processor. Samsung Company says it will run more efficiently than the Samsung's Galaxy S6.

Both the Samsung's Galaxy S7 and larger Samsung's Galaxy S7Edge come with 4GB of RAM. A 2.0 UFC feature quickens big video storage.Android Phones are available with either 32 or 64 of GB.

Video Camera Images of Samsung's New Galaxy

Video Camera Images
Photos of camera 
video can take better photos than previous models. Though fewer pixels than the Samsung's Galaxy S6, images of camera are said to appear crisper and brighter. A faster auto Android Galaxy camera focus helps to grab clear shots of moving objects. A 5-pixel front selfie camera is also part of the device.
camera store Photos are said to be improved with the new Android Galaxy phone. The 12-megapixel video camera images

Users should like a new led display that is "always on". It shows either the world clock, a calendar or a photo camera images. It's appropriate for checking the time, and battery levels without having to take the Android Galaxy phone out of standby. You can also have dual settings, one for home and one for journey eventually area changes.

Samsung's New Galaxy Battery Aspects

Battery life is always a challenge with Cell phones. Samsung Company may have a found a solution with the Samsung's Galaxy S7. Some tests indicate the /2016/05/what-are-best-smartphones-features-in.html" target="_blank">new Android Galaxy phones can average 16 hours of battery life. This compares to just 10.5 hours with the Apple iPhone 6S. The Samsung's Galaxy S7's bigger brother, the Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge, has an even larger battery time.

Samsung's New Galaxy Storage Aspects

Storage has been increased. Samsung Company has once again included a microSD cards port. This will allow you to watch a move offline and save your video camera images hd photos and videos to a card instead of the limited cell phone memory.

Samsung's New Galaxy waterproof phone

Samsung Company is heavily promoting the fact that the Samsung's Galaxy S7 is water resistant. Dropping it in a toilet, pool, or sink should, in theory, not impact its operation. This would be a nice features face if it holds true.

Samsung's New Galaxy wireless charging

The Android Galaxy phone also charges wirelessly. It can also be quick-charged from an included wired charger.

Samsung's New Galaxy vs iPhone 6

Samsung's new Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung's Galaxy S6
Samsung Company Pay is another benefit. It enables you to use the cell phone as a credit card at accepting merchants. As I have written before, /2014/05/iphone-android-which-cell-phone-is-right.html" target="_blank">it goes beyond the offerings of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Overall the new Samsung Galaxy S7 appears to be superior to the Apple iPhone 6S in a number of categories. These /2016/05/the-android-lollipop-flashlight-and.html" target="_blank">include low-light camera images shots, battery life, storage-the microSD card slot, and the easier to use Samsung Pay.

Size matters to many and the Android Samsung's Galaxy S7 boast a 5.1-inch screen, about four inches taller than the Apple iPhone 6S. Those who want to go bigger can opt for the larger Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge with a 5.5-inch screen.

Pricing for the Android Samsung's Galaxy S7 may be an issue for some. Reviews show anywhere from $670 to $770 for the device. The larger Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge may run as high as $990.

Samsung Company has set the table with a newer, larger more exciting cell phone. The question now is will consumers be ready to step up to the plate.

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