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How to Choose a Photo Camera

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How to Choose a Photo Camera

The new and more sophisticated camera models constantly appear on the market nowadays. How to buy a good camera, not to overpay for unnecessary functions and to receive pictures of the highest possible quality?

The very first step in acquiring high-quality pictures is choosing the most appropriate camera. So what are the basic requirements to the photo-making devices?
  • First: the camera should be inexpensive, so any beginner could afford it.
  • Second: we need the camera to make images of very high-quality with as high resolution as it’s possible.
  • The third criteria usually indicates a small size and a relatively light weight, which is quite understandable as we will have to carry a permanent photo-bag with a bunch of lenses, flashes, and filters, not to mention that the weight of the camera itself can be a little less than one kilogram. 
So, let’s take a reasonable look at the fact, why do you need pictures. Not camera, but the pictures. Be honest when answering to yourself if you are ready to carry SLR with interchangeable lenses on the excursions while people will be enjoying their walking, not having the necessity to carry heavy stuff? And finally, you make your photographs not just a tribute to fashion (oh, he has SLR, and am I worse?) but have the need to express yourself in your photos, the need to not only see the beautiful view but also to capture it, the need to obtain quality deep pictures instead of simple pictures? If you are ready to make some concessions for good photos but don't want to carry a heavy stuff and spend a lot of money to take care of a camera and for purchasing interchangeable lenses, your choice is a compact digital camera.
Finally, let's look at other options of digital cameras that are worth of paying attention before buying.

Time to switch on
This is an important feature that determines the time after which your camera is ready to take the first shot after pressing the "on" button. You understand that the shorter the time period, the more chances you have to make an interesting and rare photo. If the camera is spending to prepare 1, 2 or more seconds, opt for other camera models.

Memory card
By the way, ask the seller what the maximum amount of memory card can be used in the camera. Everyone must have heard about the fellow who bought 32Gb memory card for his camera. But the camera was allowed to use only memory cards 8Gb or less.

Another option is the recording speed on the card. The "rate" of the camera depends on it. If the captured image is recorded to the memory card very quickly, the next shot can be done almost immediately after the previous one. If the card is "slow" you will be able to take the next photo only after waiting for a second, two, three... In fact, it is quite inconvenient.

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